WELL, been a little while... the stomach flu, family struggles, and a  friend in hospital. HOWEVER, I've been looking for a new venue, wrote up a long bio on my art career from high school to now, to be considered for a new local magazine, and just got the E-mail with congrats that I WILL be in the June issue of  SubCulture magazine!!! I will be the Artist Profile for that issue!  What is SubCulture? Well, it is a magazine for Rochester's creative small business owners, tattoo enthusiasts, artists, musicians, athletes, and just cool people! The premier issue was spread all over Rochester a month ago, and I was very impressed with the concept, writing, and feel of the magazine. Dawn Kelly, artist and friend put me in touch with Victor Gomez,(1/2 of the mags' creators), who asked me to submit an in depth bio,I did, and I'm in. After a horrendously stressful few weeks, this is just so great!  So now to think about what art to have published...I wish for all my problems to be like this for a bit!