Well! Got some images up finally! Took them this morning with an old camera, no adjustments, no photoshop, the actual pieces are much richer, and all are for sale...enjoy!

The Necklace               colored pencil   8x12  

Lila Draped       colored pencil      8x10  

A Mermaid               colored pencil          11x14    

Study for "Waiting"    c. pencil      8x12  

Graphite sketch of Emily          8x10
"Waiting"         oil          18x24 


I'm so exited to have new members on my blog!!! Thank you for your interest. Now I'm even more motivated to photo graph and get my recent work up.  Most of the work on this site is quite dated.  As I said, I have several drawings I have been working on over the past few months.  They are colored pencil, some on hand made paper.  I have returned  to what I love- stories, fables, myths, mostly of female figures. I'm told there may not be a market for my work, but I say-whenever a piece of art is done with passion and love, it is appreciated in many forms! We shall see, I just have do do this right now! Again, thanks for joining me.


OH COOL! I just figured out how to put this on facebook, and you visited! WOW! Ok, thanks, and I will update with my new drawings as soon as I figure out how to do that...my so is sposed to help me....it's as they say, a learning curve. Starting an oil from one of the Mermaid drawings, have not gotten far as I've fighting a virus, but I'm cofee'd up, and willin to try! Later!


People have asked, why do you paint the things you paint, and what inspires you?  Well, I've been told that portraits, figures, fairy tales and mythology won't sell.  Maybe so, but it's what I love.  When I was a child, I was very shy and quiet. I loved my picture books, dressed up in scarves or whatever I could find to make believe I was in those beautiful stories I read. When I was 7 or so, someone gave us an old green satin ballgown dress to play in, and I remember dancing and spinning in it for hours, just to watch how the folds would move and glisten in the light...sometimes when I am drawing, that feeling of pure sensual joy returns. I use my models as a starting point, then my imagination takes over as I sketch, and the story unfolds...I see Persephone, or a sea creature emerging...or simply a certain expression that has to be explored, is enough.

I have begun a new series of work over the past few months, colored pencil stories,which I am now starting to paint in oil. I'll keep you posted. 


Hello!  I plan to start uploading pictures of my new work soon! Thanks for your patience!